Application Processing

Find more free time and reduced work when it’s time for meal application processing through TITAN’s web-based, system integrated solution.

Districts and parents will appreciate higher standards of ease and efficiency.

TITAN’s online application processing helps districts reduce labor costs and speed up eligibility confirmations and notifications. Our smoother process also ensures compliance and information accuracy with automated verification controls. Students and parents receive eligibility notifications via customizable letters, emails and phone calls.

Enjoy the strengths of secure, concurrent application entry, one click scanning with RocketSCAN, or utilize our online applications and eliminate data re-entry. TITAN’s turnkey processing is just the beginning of the strengths and protections you’ll enjoy with your program all year, every year.

Free and Reduced Meal Application Screen Shot

  • Real Time
    Provide immediate eligibility updates at the Point of Service.
  • Multiple Entry Methods
    Parents can apply online or school personnel can scan or enter application manually.
  • Relief
    Realize the efficiencies and relief available through web-based, concurrent application entry.
  • USDA Compliant
    Enjoy peace-of-mind compliance with all NSLP Reauthorization guidelines.
  • Household Matching
    Automatically identify and rectify mismatches or inconsistencies by households.
  • Notifications
    Generate customizable letters, emails or automated phone calls to parents regarding eligibility.
  • Direct Certification
    Match students by Student ID or a district defined matching patterns.
  • RocketSCAN
    Enjoy one click meal application scanning with RocketScan.
  • Duplicate Application Detection
    Automated cross checking eliminates duplicate applications.

Financial Accounting

Enjoy seamless integration in planning, budgeting and management.

Stay connected to the Big Picture all in one place in real time.

School Foodservice involves many moving parts, all interconnected with system-wide impacts and requirements for compliance, accountability and financial integrity. At the center of a successful program, TITAN provides the clear objective, integrated financial management tools and controls to ensure that finances reflect operations in real time.

From bidding and purchasing to managing accounts payable and reimbursements, TITAN fortifies you with the insights necessary to manage day-to-day and long term. All transactions are documented and recorded complete with audit trails and tracking. A bright and intuitive graphic user interface helps you produce standard or customized reports.

Ordering Guide Screen Shot

  • Accounts Payable
    Authorize and make payments to vendors with a user-friendly graphic interface.
  • General Ledger
    Drill down for transaction histories with audit trails and tracking.
  • Purchasing
    Create multiple vendor purchase orders and generate unique P.O.’s for individual vendors with just one click.
  • Accounts Receivable
    Tie in with all other modules to complete catering and contract foodservice opportunities.
  • Bidding
    TITAN supports creating your bid, awarding, and analyzing vendor performance.
  • Profit & Loss
    Generate district as well as individual site Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Reimbursements
    Automatically calculates federal and state reimbursement claims.
  • Special Assistance Alternative
    Ability to designate schools as Provision 1, 2, 3 and Community Eligible.
  • Open Interfaces
    Using TITAN's open interfaces, we can integrate with your district's accounting system.


Plan and manage more effectively.

Know where and how much inventory you have from any browser.

How do you manage your inventory? How much do you have? How much is it worth? Have much do you need? How much will it cost? Answer these questions in advance, in real time with TITAN. Enjoy insights from a single lunchroom to district wide, track ingredients, manage USDA commodities and affect intra-district transfers among schools and warehouses with any browser and from anywhere.

TITAN offers functionality to configure your inventory for tracking and managing valuation, order approvals and workflow. Choose from multiple units of measure for purchasing and sales in addition to inventory. The user-friendly TITAN interface enables a deeper level of detail in communications, allowing unlimited attachments and system-wide searches by name, description, ID or TITAN TAG.

Item Management Screen Shot

  • Periodic or Perpetual
    Operate with the benefits of perpetual inventory updates for real time insights.
  • Ingredient Tracking
    Track supplies of individual ingredients and a la carte items.
  • Commodity Management
    Manage USDA commodities for maximum benefits and regulatory compliance.
  • LIFO or FIFO
    Inventory valuation can be setup for LIFO (last in, first out) or FIFO (first in, first out).
  • Multiple Units of Measure
    TITAN allows for multiple units of measure for Purchasing, Inventory, and Sales.
  • Intra-district Transfers
    Transfer items between warehouses with the ability to set district defined backorders.
  • Order Approvals
    Configure orders according to district pre-approvals and known workflow.
  • Attachments
    TITAN's easy to use interface allows for unlimited number of attachments and notes.
  • Flexible Searching
    Search items by name, description, id, or TITAN TAG.

Point of Service

Speed up lunch.

Point of Service made simple

The TITAN Point of Service (POS) module introduces a new level of ease and speed to your cafeteria serving lines. TITAN increases line efficiency and operator accountability while minimizing operator error. With real time insights for eligibility and account controls for dietary choices and spending limits, operators enjoy an easy-to-navigate, intuitive touch screen interface.

POS is central to the TITAN service model, as your subscription agreement ensures that lunchrooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art terminals and hardware. Operations are powered by real time, web-based software that’s always up-to-date. Every terminal integrates with the other TITAN modules as well as with the larger school and district legacy systems.

Point of Service Screen Shot

  • Fast
    Complete multiple tasks quickly and easily within a single transaction.
  • Restrictions
    Identify and comply with designated individual dietary restrictions (ingredient & a la carte) and enforce account spending limits.
  • Serving Modes
    Serve students on your own terms, choosing by homeroom, grade level, photo, or PIN.
  • Receipts and Reminders
    Print receipts and payment reminders from any terminal.
  • Payments
    Receive cash or checks at any terminal with all-in-one, system-wide individual and family accounts.
  • Eat & Repeat™
    Move more elementary students through the lunchroom quicker in fewer keystrokes with TITAN’s Eat & Repeat™ meal service automation.
  • Flexible Pricing
    Set pricing by student eligibility, school, and grade level.
  • Visiting Students
    Serve and collect prepayments for any student at any point of service terminal and auto detect second meals.
  • SecureServe™
    Maintain service and retain rapidly-changing account information securely with TITAN’s SecureServe™ technology. Continue serving students without internet connectivity.